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Why You Should Choose Black Diamond Headlamps

In this blog post, we have a look at the details of our headlamps and show you why we think that Black Diamond headlamps are the best on the market.

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the world's best headlamps
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Many of our mid & high-end range of headlamps feature distance and proximity modes that allow the headlamps to be used for a wide range of activities. From hiking to climbing, to running and urban use the simple design means that they never feel out of place. 

Battery Life

black diamond hiking head torches

We did our research on this point and after analyzing five other brands in comparison to our headlamps we found that with the exception of two models from one brand our headlamps perform 30-40% better in Battery life.


Black Diamond Headlamps are built to withstand the abuse caused by alpine climbing and hiking. From -20 degree ski days in Alaska to night climbing at Spitzkoppe to caving deep below Table Mountain, our headlamps are built to withstand it all.

Featuring water-tight construction and superior lens build our headlamps don’t give up easily.

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Our headlamps are carefully designed for optimal usability. There are several key features worth noting.

Power Tap

PowerTap™ Technology allows instant transitioning between full and dimmed power


By holding down the top button/s on our headlamps you can lock the headlamps off to avoid having them turn on in your pocket or bag.


Your headlamp will remember your last setting. 

hiking headlamps from black diamond


Scared of spending money on a great headlamp? They are all covered by a 2-year guarantee, which means that we will replace any headlamps with defects, and we will replace any headlamps that break within that period. If your headlamp breaks outside of that period we will give you a great discount on your next headlamp! 


Our rechargeable headlamps are the best plug-and-play options on the market. Simply charge your headlamp using the micro USB cable (included) and head out with all-day power. On multi-day hikes simply pack a power bank if you’re worried about running out of battery.

Best For:

The every-day headlamp user and active mountain adventurer. 



Our dual-fuel headlamps are built for athletes who are moving non-stop through the night. Simply swap out the BD Li-ion batteries for any AAA batteries and keep on charging.

Best For:

Adventure racers, ultra-marathon runners, and fast hikers.

Our Headlamps:

  • Sprint 225 Headlamp

    Out of stock



These headlamps are designed for mountain runners. The Sprint is best for short evening trail runs and the Dual-Fuel Sprinter is the best option for those overnight runs and fast-paced mountain adventures.

(the Sprinter is the only Dual-fuel headlamp that comes with the BD rechargeable battery included)

  • Sprinter 500

    In stock

  • black diamond storm 500 - R

    Storm 500-R Headlamp

    In stock



The Storm headlamps are our most powerful all-mountain head torches. The best technology and the longest-lasting batteries. We recommend the Storm 500-R for all but the fastest hiking missions where recharging from a battery bank isn’t an option.

  • Storm 450 Headlamp – Dual Fuel

    In stock

  • Spot 400-R Headlamp

    In stock



The Spot headlamps are the most versatile in our range. Light enough to be comfortable while running and featuring long enough burn time for multi-day hikes.

  • Spot 400 Headlamp – Dual Fuel

    In stock

  • Cosmo 350-R Headlamp

    In stock



Save money but don’t want to compromise on essential features like the battery charge indicator and multiple bulbs? The Cosmo 350 headlamps are the ones for you. We recommend going for the Rechargeable version to save on batteries and get the best performance. 

  • Cosmo 350 Headlamp – Dual Fuel

    In stock

  • Astro 300-R Headlamp

    In stock



Our budget-friendly headlamps are designed for the daily user. The Astro 300 has enough power to light up the darkest spaces at a great price.

  • Astro 300 Headlamp – Dual Fuel

    In stock

  • Icon 700 Headlamp

    In stock



The Icon is currently our brightest headlamp. Designed for rescue, caving, and all activities where a headlamp needs to be as bright as possible and last as long as possible.

In conclusion

We believe that our headlamps offer superior versatility, durability, and features than any other headlamp brand on the market. Our headlamps fall into two categories, Rechargeable, and Dual-fuel. Our rechargeable headlamps are our recommended options for almost any adventure lover. Our Dual-fuel headlamps are best for extreme adventurers who need to be able to swap out power sources quickly. 


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