Ultralight Hiking

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Ultralight Hiking

Change. Progression. It all waits in the distance. The only way to get there is to put one foot in front of the other, what better way to do that then through ultralight hiking? At Black Diamond, we’re there with you, every step of the way.

Here are some key items that we recommend taking on your next ultralight hiking (or running) adventure!

rain jackets for ultralight hiking

Stormline Jacket

black diamond stormline jacket mens

Built to take on the worst downpours, the StormLine Stretch Rain Shell is our fully featured rain shell. By combining our BD.dry™ waterproof/breathable/windproof solution with a full feature set and highly stretchable fabric, the StormLine provides reliable protection when the weather breaks. 

When packing for an ultralight hike its essential to make sure you have good shells as they are the barrier between you and getting really cold.

black diamond mont blanc gloves for hiking fast

Mont Blanc Gloves

The perfect balance of insulation, grip and weight, this glove is the best choice for activities that require high output for extended periods of time.

The Big advantage of the Mont Blanc gloves is that they stay warm even when wet, this makes it a must have for fast, lightweight hiking.


black diamond distance vest for fast hiking

Distance 15 Packpack

While designed for trail running the Distance 15 offers the perfect solution for ultra-light fastpacking. Its toploading build allows for it to hold a surprisingly large amount of gear. Just recently this pack has been used for fastpacking the Grand Traverse, 220km across the top of the Drakensberg mountains. 

ultralight hiking headlamps

Spot 400 & Spot 400 R

The Spot headlamps offer the perfect balance of weight and power for ultralight hiking. The Spot 400 Dual-Fuel (left) is able to take the BD1500 battery or three AAA batteries. The Spot R (right) is charged with a micro USB cable. 

sprint running shorts for ultralight hiking

Sprint Shorts

black diamond sprint shorts for ultralight hiking

Designed in collaboration with Joe Grant the Sprint shorts feature pockets that actually work. Stash your headlamp, phone and snacks securely in the carefully designed pockets for easy access on the go.

distance carbon fast hiking poles

Distance Poles

Black diamond carbon z poles 2022

The Distance poles are packable, lightweight and essential for traveling long distances through the mountains. The Z-pole design means that the poles have no excess weight and can be folded in seconds and stowed while moving.


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