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Our mission revolves around crafting top-notch equipment that empowers your climbing, running, and hiking pursuits, regardless of the elements. Our innovative gear is infused with a multitude of cutting-edge technologies, positioning us at the forefront of the industry. Explore the pivotal technologies, both in-house and collaborative, that set us apart and keep you at the pinnacle of performance.

black diamond dry technology for jackets


Waterproof. Breathability. Durability. Stretch. Our 2.5L and 3L BD.Dry waterproof technology is designed to keep you comfortable and moving in wet conditions. We started out with the goal to make a waterproof fabric that not only keeps water out, but also breathes when you’re working hard. We offer a variety of sustainable solutions from bluesign-approved fabrics
to non-PFC and EMPEL water-free DWR solutions. Finally, we implemented stretch into our solution’s technology, which sets BD.dry™ apart from other waterproof options.


Waterproof rating: 10,000mm Breathability rating: 10,000 g/m2/24hr

Our 2.5L jackets are made up of three parts: a face fabric that’s treated with a DWR finish, a membrane that goes on the inside, and a half layer print that goes on the inside of the membrane, right next to your skin. The face fabric with its DWR treatment sheds water—droplets literally roll off the hydrophobic DWR. Meanwhile, the microporous inner coating stops precipitation from penetrating through the fabric, while still allowing moisture vapor to pass through from the inside out, keeping your skin dry and comfortable. Finally, the .5 layer is applied as a raised print to the inside, which feels soft against your skin.


  • Stormline Stretch Jacket, Anorak & Pants 
  • Treeline Rain Shell (non-PFC DWR)
  •  Fineline Rain Shell


Waterproof rating: 20,000mm Breathability rating: 20,000 g/m2/24hr

BD.dry™ 3L face fabrics are treated with a DWR like 2.5L fabrics, but, instead of a porous inner coating, these fabrics have a hydrophilic membrane that allows water vapor to transfer through. Applied to the backside of this fabric is a third layer, jersey backer, that feels comfortable next to the skin and allows moisture to turn to vapor before passing through the hydrophilic membrane.


  • Recon Stretch LT Shell & Pants (non-PFC DWR)
  • Recon Stretch Shell & Pants/Bibs
  • Recon Stretch Insulated Shell & Pants
  • Recon Stretch Pro Shell & Bibs
  • Highline (non-PFC and water-free EMPEL DWR


cordura high end denim for south africa

Cordura Denim Fabric

Denim made from blended Cotton and Cordura Nylon to enhance durability, comfort and performance. Cordura Denim has exceptional abrasion resistance—4 times stronger than that of a comparable weight of traditional 100% cotton denim fabric*.
Denim made with Cordura feels as good as your favorite pair of jeans. The authentic look, comfort, and feel of traditional 100% cotton denim with built-in, long-lasting durability.
Products with this Technology:
– Forged Denim

empel waterproof technology for clothing


Earth friendly, PFC-Free, extremely durable, with unparalleled performance, EMPEL uses a patented process to permanently
hyper-fuse the water protective finish directly to the individual fibers of the fabric, offering unmatched super-hydrophobic
properties, while maintaining optimal breathability. No Need to Re-treat or Refresh Finish
Products with this Technology:
– Highline Shell & Pant
– Element Hoody
– Distance Shell
– Approach Down Hoody & Vest

gortex technology in south africa


Designed for maximum versatility in constantly changing weather conditions, GORE-TEX provides the superior breathability and
legendary waterproof performance you expect. GORE-TEX provides complete moisture protection and balances low weight and
high durability for long days in the mountains. Guaranteed to Keep You Dry™
Products with this Technology:
– Mission Shell
– Mission Pant

gortex paclite technology for mountain clothing

GORE-TEX Paclite

Designed for minimalists who need uncompromising weather protection, garments with GORE-TEX Paclite deliver waterproof,

windproof and breathable performance in an ultra-light, compact package. GORE-TEX Paclite garments easily withstand high

winds and wet snow while regulating temperature and taking up little space in your pack. Guaranteed to Keep You Dry™

Products with this Technology:

– Liquid Point Shell

– Liquid Point Pant

black diamond allied hyperdry down technology

HyperDRY - DWR Treated Down

For over 30 years, ALLIED has been the premiere supplier of responsibly sourced high performing down to the finest brands and
explorers worldwide. HyperDRY is a PFC-Free DWR Treatment for down that provides increased water resistance to retain loft
and help keep you warm in extreme climates. TRACKMYDOWN.COM
Products with this Technology:
– Approach Down Hoody & Vest
– Vision Down Parka
– Access Down Hoody, Jacket, & Vest

nuyarn technology


Nuyarn is a world first textile technology producing ultra-light, high performance, stretch, wool fabrics. Nuyarn uses an
environmentally friendly process to create unparalleled fabric weights that perform better than other wool or wool blend
competitors. Nuyarn brings all these features to wool fabrics through a new yarn spinning method of drafting wool fibers over
a synthetic core. This drafting process allows the wool fiber to have more open contact with the environment and wearer that
greatly improves the performance of the yarn and fabrics made with it. The Nuyarn technology performs better in stretch, loft,
strength, comfort, drytime and temperature regulation.
Products with this Technology:
– Rhythm Tees
– Solution Baselayer Tops & Bottoms

polartec apparel technology

Polartec Power Grid

Patented grid construction knit strengthens performance efficiency by increasing warmth and breathability, while also reducing
fabric mass. These geometric patterns improve compressibility, wicking, and add technical style. By reinventing thermal warmth
possibilities, Power Grid™ is a minimalist design that maximizes fabric performance.
Products with this Technology:
– Coefficient Hoody, Quarter zip
– Coefficient LT Hoody, Crew, Quarter zip, Bottoms
– Coefficient LT Hybrid Hoody

primaloft technology in south africa

Primaloft Silver Insulation Active

Primaloft Silver Insulation Active is a fast drying, breathable, high warmth to weight ration synthetic insulation that provides great
weather resistance and durability. Product with this Technology: First Light Hoody, First Light Hybrid Hoody
Primaloft Gold Insulation with Crosscore Technology
Crosscore insulation fuses Aerogel particals into the individual fibers of the already high performance Gold Insulation. This further
amplifies the warmth to weight ratio of the insulation. Aerogel was developed by Nasa scientists and is one of the world’s best
insulators. Product with this Technology: Vision Hybrid Hoody
Primaloft Gold Insulation Active Vent
Primaloft Gold Insulation Active Vent has a unique structure that allows it to be paired with the most breathable fabrics for the
perfect balance of warmth, breathability and moisture management. Product with this Technology: Coefficient LT Hybrid Hoody

schoeller clothing technology

Schoeller Fabrics

Schoeller® stretch-woven fabric is highly durable, stretches efficiently with the body during high-output activities. Because
Schoeller® is functional, flexible, comfortable and stands up to hard use in the field. It is a prime choice for alpine apparel.
Schoeller Fabrics in the Black Diamond product line feature Eco-Repel Bio PFC-Free DWR. This DWR finish is high performing as
well as durable.
Product with this Technology:
– Alpine Start Hoody

schoeller clothing technology

Thermolite T3 Eco-Made Insulation

Designed using hollow-core synthetic fibers and 100% recycled content, ThermoLite T3 Eco-Made insulation traps air for greater
insulating properties while remaining lightweight, durable and warm even when wet. ThermoLite®’s large surface area allows
for quick-drying performance by bringing moisture away from your skin to the surface of the fabric. Its light and compressible
properties make it the ideal insulation for weight-conscious alpine pursuits in damp climates.
Product with this Technology:
– Belay Parka
– Belay Pants

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