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Apparel for that send

Climbers demand a lot from their apparel and this selection of gear aims to find that balance of durability, comfort and breathability.

valley premium rock climbing short

Valley Shorts

Whether you’re approaching granite walls, bouldering on the forest floor, or heading into town for a latte, these lightweight shorts provide four-way stretch and comfort when you’re on the move.

black diamond lightwire tech tee

Lightwire Tee

Designed to handle it all, whether you’re climbing, trekking or training, the Lightwire Short Sleeve Tech Tee features a four-way stretch fabric that’s breathable and quick-drying.

rock climbing pants

Rise tights

The ultimate comfy gym bottoms, the Rise Tight blends lightweight performance with features for purpose-built for climbing.

black diamond rock climbing tank top

Rainbow Diamond Tank

Send in style with this organic tank top.

Gear Miths: Bottoms-up or tops-down?

Is there a correct way to thread the rope through your harness?

black diamond climbing equipment

Should you tie in bottoms-up or top-down? That’s the question for this Gear Myths, which explores the different methods of threading a rope through your harness and attempts to discover if one way is safer than the other.

Tying in with a rope is the most sacred act of climbing. Period. The holy matrimony of all climbers and belayers relies solely on that simple act of threading the rope through your climbing harness and tying the knot. As a climber, your life depends on it. READ MORE 

How To Choose The Right Hiking Poles

How To Choose The Right Hiking Poles

Head out from any trailhead and chances are, you’ll hear the sound of trekking poles clanging against rock within minutes. From the great Austrian mountaineer, Peter Habeler, who used ski poles for…

The tech behind the gear

The tech behind the gear

Everything you need to know about: Black Diamond Technologies Our mission revolves around crafting top-notch equipment that empowers your climbing, running, and hiking pursuits, regardless of the elements. Our innovative…

Thomas Vermaak

Thomas Vermaak

Thomas Vermaak is an Ultra running athlete with the goal of running 100x100miler races!

The Beginner Boulderer Essentials

All you need for a bouldering trip to Rocklands or daily indoor sessions.  


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